Solar off-grid Rooftop Kit

Solar Off-grid rooftop kit is a solar electricity system with battery backup. During the day the sun shines and charges the batteries as well as supplies power to your home. During the evening or on rainy days when the sun isn’t shining you use the power stored in the batteries.


How does solar off grid system work?

Off Grid Solar Plant is not connected to the grid, it is stand-alone system where only Sun’s energy is used and no power is taken from the electricity provided by the electricity distribution company.

1) Solar Panel : Solar panel converts solar energy into electric energy (DC Electricity).

2) Charge Controller :Regulates the charge of solar electricity into the batteries.

3) Batteries : It stores energy received from Solar panel via charge controller. Helps to provide energy when there is no solar energy available i.e. Nights and Cloudy Days.

4) Solar Inverter : Convert DC electricity into AC electricity same quality as the utility electricity and regulates the AC charge to the batteries from the utility or generator source.

5) Loads : Powered by Solar energy.
how does solar off-grid rooftop kit will work

Technical Specifications

Product CodeSOFG4-01SOFG4-02SOFG4-03SOFG4-04SOFG4-05SOFG4-06SOFG4-08
General Terms1/2 KW1 KW2 KW3 KW4 KW5 KW7 KW
Capacity500VA – (12V)1000VA – (24v) 2000VA – (36V) 3000VA – (48V) 4000VA – (48V)5000VA – (72V) 7KWp
Polycrystalline Module- A Grade500Wp1KWp 2KWp 3KWp4KWp 5KWp 7000VA – (240V)
Battery12 Volts, 200Ah24 Volts, 200Ah48 Volts, 200Ah48 Volts, 200Ah72 Volts, 200Ah96 Volts, 200Ah168 Volts, 200Ah
Mounting Structure(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted(MS-Steel) Painted
DC Cables-20 Feet, (7Mtr)7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable7 Mtr (Standard), 4 Sq mm cable


1. No access to the utility grid
2. Become energy self-sufficient
3. The advantage is for situations where a stable grid is not easily accessible or where one wants to be totally disconnected from the grid.