Lithium Batteries

We are customized Lithium Battery Manufacturers. Our battery packs are made in house at our production facility in Bengaluru and are used in varied applications such as streetlights, ESS and automotive industry (EV).

At Solmitra, we source the cells from tier one manufacturers which have passed all the lithium ion cell testing parameters. These cells are high in capacity with advanced ratio of anode-cathode mixtures and excellent thermal abilities.

Cleanly treading ahead in quality and capacity, we have a facility set up to carter a whopping range of 3.2 V – 99.2 V in the Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) segment and 3.7 V – 92.5 V in Lithium Ion (Li-On) segment over a range of 2 Ah – 200 Ah for both battery chemistries types.

This facility has been set up complete with pneumatic cell grading, multi channel NEWARE battery testing system (BTS4016), multi pack battery simulation models, pneumatic MINGDA spot welding machines (MD-2005). We have a customized option for UL1642 certification (heating tests, charge-discharge tests along with crush and shock tests) .

Transporting batteries requires utmost care and hence, our battery packaging is in line with UN ADR rules


  • Very safe, no thermal runaway
  • High discharge current capability
  • Better performance
  • Capable of over 2000 cycle
  • Environment friendly